Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winners, Winners, Everywhere!

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Share Your Love of Cereal Week One  Winner- #22- KAREN-


Share Your Love of Cereal Week 2 Winner-#41 PAULA


Friday, September 23, 2011

Helzberg Diamonds Pearl Earrings Being Given Away

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Lesson's Learned a new Blog a just found tonight is holding a giveaway for Pearl  Earrings from Helzberg Diamonds. It's a great blog that I just started following and plan on going back.  So go and enter to win.  She uses Rafflecopter to make entering easierJust click on the banner and go and enter!


Has 9/11 Changed the Way You Travel?

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I've been wondering since 9/11 has passed about how many people who used to fly a lot still fly as much as they used too since the attack on 9/11.  I know after that time I had to take a plane for work and I have to tell you, I was a nervous wreck.  It wasn't my first time for flying either.  So I'm curious, share with us are you nervous?


Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Editors DoYou Use?

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If you're and avid reader of my blog posts you'll notice that I use quite a few pictures in my posts.  I just feel it gets the point across more efficiently.  But I can't take the credit for how well they turn out.  I use a photo editor called Paint, also one called Gimp sometimes.  They are so easy to use and fix your picture to make it look exactly like you want it too.  I used to use Photshop on an older computer when I got it from a friend (free) but lost it when my computer crashed. 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Looking for Men's Wedding Bands?

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If you're ready to tie the knot and are shopping for men's wedding bands, men's tungsten rings just might be for you.  I perused their website and they have some very classy looking rings and you'll still have that money to take your extravagant honeymoon. Here are a few of the rings they carry.  Some are fancier, but my husband would choose just the plain band.


Have You Ever Dealt With an Annoying Real Estate Agent?

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Several years ago when my sister-in-law was looking at houses to buy she had what I thought was the most annoying real estate agent.  She was nice enough and not really pushy but brought my sister-in-law a plant and every now and then we would all come home from work to a plant on the steps.  


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Companies are Doing to Keep Their Employees Safe Behind the Wheel

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How  many times have you been driving behind a car that is either driving a lot slower than the traffic is moving or is all over the road?  I used to think they were drunk but now the first thing that pops into my mind is their on their cell phone.  As we pass them due to safety sure enough they are talking on a cell phone. 


How to Stay Cool in the Summer Months

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Here are a few ways to keep yourself cool in the summer months.   Some of us have a harder time dealing with summer and some of us love summer.  Anyhow some summer days can bring on some health issues so here are just a few ways to help with that.


Companies Customer Service

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A great example is what I just went through with Verizon on Sunday eveningOur router stopped working and my husband after trying many things to get it working again, ended up calling Verizon.  The guy was really nice and had him try all kind of things and then decided the router was not working.  He told my husband he would send another one and it would take about 3 days to arrive.

The router arrived today and my husband hooked it up and followed all of the instructions with the disk that was sent with it.  He still couldn't get it to work so he ended up calling Verizon once again and the customer service gentleman talked with my husband for a few minutes and told my husband that he had to turn off the whole package off from their side.  By whole package I mean phone, TV, and Wireless router.   After he did that it worked, we were able to connect to the internet.  


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Hot Flash and Why We Have Them

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I know most of  you women out there have experienced the hot flash.  Some ladies call it a "summer moment".  I call it HELL.  I have hot flashes but since I went through Breast Cancer Treatment such as Chemotherapy and now take a daily medication that as the doctors said will "make my hot flashes 100 times worse than normal ones" and they were not kidding.  It's not only uncomfortable but embarrassing to sweat that much and has kept me from some social activities.  Here is an infographic of the Science behind the Hot Flash:


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Are Digital Signatures For You?

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As you can tell I have some paid ads listed on my blog.  When I have corresponded with the PR Rep I have always signed the contracts with digital signatures.  They have always been accepted and I have never had a problem using them.  I prefer the digital signatures, they are just like a conventional hand written signature, but unlike a hand written signature the digital signature is even safer due to the encrypted information that is unique to the signer.   Much easier and I recommend it to all.  


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Number One Online Marketing Tool

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What is one of the major Online Marketing Tools you use to advertise your blog or Home/Online Business?  There are so many different tools out there such as Social Media, email blasts, blogging, pay per click ads and several more.  I think mine is Social Media.  I use Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon the most.  I also use Digg, Delicious, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Google +1 and many blogger forums.  As for businesses Blogs are a great online marketing tool and can save thousands of dollars in advertising.   I believe I get the majority of my traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Stumble-Upon.  


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