Friday, January 28, 2011

Ecomom-LOVE Reusable Bags Chill Set Cosmic Stripes Review/Giveaway

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I like to do what I can for the economy and with ecomom's help it has even gotten easier.  They have a matching set of 3 reusable shopping totes that tuck neatly into a 4th insulated cooler bag.  The set is called LOVE Reusable Bags Chill Set (Cosmic Stripes-that's the pattern I received).  


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tassimo Review/Giveaway

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I am a coffee addict.  I love plain coffee, flavored coffee, I can drink lattes, and cappuccinos as long as I don't have to see the foaming milk.  I know I'm a freak but that's the way I am and my coffee has to be STRONG.  I recently got to review the Tassimo T20 Home Brewing System by Bosch.  I was a little concerned at first because I was afraid I wouldn't get my coffee strong enough.  

Well with the Tassimo T20 after fooling around with it a bit I can get my nice strong (not quite as strong as I like it however) taste in minutes.  I will still keep trying until I get it to the strength I like.  The one thing I wasn't impressed with is since I like my coffee strong you have to stand there and manually shut the machine off before it's done to stop the water instead of just having a setting for stronger coffee.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

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                                      MEET ME ON MONDAY #2
1)What is your favorite kind of fudge?

2) Is there snow outside your window?
3) What is your favorite meal of the day?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Hops

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I love Blog Hops, you get to meet new people and most of the time you get new followers.  It's great but the best part about it for me is I usually find a new blog to follow.  I find some really great blogs entering Blog Hops.  Some that I probably wouldn't have found on my own.  I found a new Blog Hop today and if you would like to join just click on the button below.  Come on take a Stroll with me :-)  Hope to see you there:
Sunday Strolling Blog Hop
It's OK to follow... it's the Weekend
                                  And now, let's get to this week's questions!

FMM: A Survey
  1. Why do you blog? I started blogging after I went through a year of Breast Cancer Treatment.
  2. What is your favorite TV show? Law & Order SVU
  3. What's the first thing you drank this morning? Cookies & Cream Coffee
  4. Are you married, single or in a relationship? Married
  5. List three of your hobbies.  Blogging, Surfing the Internet, Bird Watchin
  6. What do you like most about yourself? I like the fact that I always try and help people when I can
  7. List a couple of your favorite sites: My Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of other blogs, too many to list.
  8. What's the last book you read? The Alex Cross series by James Patterson
  9. Can you whistle? Yepper
  10. List your favorite pro sports teams.  The Washington Redskins
  11. What's the last thing that made you smile? My hubby
  12. Do you prefer mayo or mustard? Mayo
  13. Do you have a crush on someone? Yep, my hubby
  14. Do you get up early or sleep in? I usually get up @9ish
  15. Do you attend church? No
  16. Would you rather see a movie at home or in the theater? I like depends on my mood.
  17. Was there a teacher or authority figure that ever truly stood out to you? Sure
  18. What is your favorite game?Farmville on Facebook (I'm addicted)
  19. Cupcake or potato chips?Neither, too many carbs.
  20. Tell us something random that we wouldn't know to ask. I collect monkeys, stuffed, wooden, crystal, glass, ceramic, jewelry.  You name it I have it.  I have about 200 different monkeys.

1.  Do you like your ice cream in a dish, waffle cone, pretzel cone, sugar cone or cake cone? I don't really like Ice Cream
2.  Do you read the newspaper daily?  Online
3.  Marinara or meat sauce?  Meat Sauce
4.  Last time you cried?  It's been awhile
5.  What word/phrase do you find really annoying?  Whatever!

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Standing Room Only

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We purchased a Droll  Yankees W1 Winner Window Bird Feeder the other day through Amazon because I love Bird Feeders.  Well this one is cool because you connect it to the outside of your window so it actually sits on your window.  (Pictures Below).  Now this bird feeder sits on the outside of my bedroom/office window.  I have the corner of my bedroom, which is on the 2nd floor by the way, that I use for my home office for all my blogging jobs.  

As I sat at my desk this morning, drinking my Strawberry Shortcake Coffee and reading blogs, and just waking up, I looked up from my computer and sitting in the window looking at me was a beautiful dark red Cardinal.  I tried taking a picture but it glared due to the flash on the window.  So tomorrow I am hoping it's a little brighter out so I can grab a picture without the flash.  So after a few minutes a couple little titmice showed up, then a few more and before you know it it was "standing room only".


Monday, January 10, 2011

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review & Giveaway

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How many of you decided to loose weight as one of your New Years resolutions?  I did, well I chose to loose more weight I have already lost about 60lbs.  Don't get too excited because I sadly only lost that weight because I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  Yeah it's great I lost it but yet I am ashamed that it didn't happen until I was diagnosed.


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